OrganicHook  . We offer the largest collection of organic and natural products from directly from farmers & trusted and certified Organic Indian brands. Our aim is to steer ahead the way for Organic living as an indispensable part of people’s lifestyle while creating awareness about organic, healthy living for all.


We want you to lead a healthy and wholistic life which is only possible with a lifestyle switch to Organics-a living of the future.  OrganicHook serves as the single largest marketplace which caters to all your needs for leading a healthy lifestyle , organic seeds, organic pesticide and organic fruits and vegetable, you name it and we have it.


In 2024, our vision is to take the goodness of Organic farming online and offline globaly. Our team is working aggressively to explore new markets and having meaningful engagement with potential customers . With our experience and knowledge-base in organic industry and use of technology, we shall be focussing on our unique bussiness model that empowers local entrepreneurs and global expansion through organic farming.

Started in 2017, OrganicHook was founded by UPKAR SINGH . The idea was to bring the small, medium and large organic farmers from India under single domain to enable them to market their brand and create a dedicated platform to promote Organic wellness and lifestyle.